Red Arrow

Long run production of children books, traditional ones or with window and puzzle

Red Arrow represents the ideal solution concerning quantity and flexibility in the children book production.

The machine is composed of:

  • No stop cardboard feeder (option in line connection with gathering machine)
  • Creasing station
  • Cardboard folding unit
  • Cold gluing station
  • Mounting station (spinner patented)
  • Exit or connection with other machines
  • Touch screen display to control the machine’s functions


The main features of the machine are:

  • max book spine size mm 340 x 520; closed book mm 320x 260
  • min size mm 170 x 280: closed book mm 170×140
  • max cardboard thickness: 340 gr or with middle cut up to mm 2
  • min thickness: 280 gr
  • mechanical speed: 600 m/min (estimated production speed per hour: about 5.000 /6.000 standard books made up of 10 boards-20 pages)