New Red Arrow 2 is an automatic line for the production of children’s books made of cardboard and glued back to back, with a possibility of in-line collating, insertion of a reinforcing board and selective gluing for windows or puzzles.
To better suit each customer’s budget, we have come up with several versions of the Red Arrow2. These are presented here.


Kappa version

1. Up to 12 collating stations
2. Folding station
3. Gluing station
4. Mounting station
5. Press
6. Delivery


Sigma version

In addition to the Kappa features, it also has:
1. Feeders of additional sheets (max. 12)
2. Reinforcing board feeder


Omega version

In addition to the Sigma features, it also has:
1. Book block feeder

All versions are controlled via a touch screen monitor. The product has been designed and manufactured in Italy.


1. Sheet feeders: It is possible to have up to 12 feeders
2. Software for gluing of windows or puzzles

The vinyl gluing system with guns can be controlled by a software for selective gluing of pages containing windows or puzzles of various sizes and positions.

3. Reinforcing board feeder: To increase the thickness and/or the stiffness of the book block
4. Book block feeder: For production of books composed of more than 12 signatures


Maximum size
open block: 350 (spine) x 500 mm
closed block: 350 x 250 mm

Minimum size
open block:
120(spine) x 200 mm (produced in two up)
closed block:
120 x 100 mm (produced in two up)

Bookblock thickness
4-35 mm

Creased paperboard thickness
0.3 – 0.6 mm

Max. mechanical speed
200 sheets/min

Glue type
vinyl glue

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