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Complementary machines


Spash 10

Automatic book die-cutting machine

Splash 10 Die-cutting machine to produce shaped boks

Splash 10 is designed to produce shaped die-cut books: all pages must have the same pattern.

The Splash 10 is available in semi-automatic and automatic versions.
The machine is composed of a pressing station with a fixing surface for steel dies. In the automatic version, the book to

be die-cut is fed by a Scara robot.

The die-cutting surface is up to 350x300 mm and allows the die-cutting of materials with a pressure of up to 10 tons.


- positioning of books using a Scara robot.

- possibility of mounting two different steel dies to make double die-cutting.

- mechanical spedd about  1000 pcs/h.

  The die cutting machine can be connected in line with a trilateral with rear cutting.

The Splash 10 corresponds to the EC safety requirements.

die cut board book 3
die cut board book 1
die cut board book 2


Children's Board Book

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