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Automatic children's board book block gluing and mounting machine

soluzione libro per bambini blocco libro
children 3D bookblock

Children's board book with sliding elements

children bookblock with windows

Children's Board Book with flaps

children book with puzzles

Kids' Puzzle Book

bookblock collecting

Up to 12 Sheet feeders

Non-stop feeding of up to 12 non-folded sheets:

  • Paperboard sheets creased in the middle

  • Paperboard sheets with die cut windows or pop-up

  • Board sheets with die cut puzzles

bookblock folding

Folding Station

One of the most compact folding stations on the market.

With its plough fold and simple set-up, this folding station can handle a wide range of sizes.

Subsequently the signatures are calendered on the fold line to flatten the back.

bookblock reinforcing

Spacer Feeder

The spacer (reinforcing board) feeder inserts boards in empty spaces between the signatures in order to increase the book thickness and / or to provide a printed background for pages containing puzzle or windows.

bookblock gluing

Cold Glue Application

One gluing unit with programmable nozzles is sufficient for the whole machine. Dedicated software enables simple and intuitive programming of the gluing pattern, which can even be different for every sheet of the book.

All gluing programmes may be saved and called up in a few minutes.


bookblock assembling feeder

Book Block Feeder

The book block feeding station is used when the book is composed of more signatures than the number of the feeders, with which the machine is equipped. The total book block assembly is being done in two steps, combining the new signatures with the one previously made.

bookblock mounting and pressing

Book Block Building and Pressing station

Pressing of collated signatures
Automatic non-stop operation
Alignment from all four sides
Two opposite sides are aligned at a time
Double alignment in case of adding a previously bound part of the book block
Quick set-up

Children's Board Book

zechini children book machine


zechini packaging


zechini bookbinding
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