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Automatic casing-in machine for board books

soluzione libro per bambini incassatura
soluzione libro per bambini incassatura
hardbook cover children book machine

Hardcover Laminated Children's Book

hardcover children book

Hardcover Children's Board Book

automatic casing-in machine for padded cover children book

Padded cover board book

machine cover_ children book_casing-in

Cover feeder

Feeder for:

  • Hard covers;

  • Padded hard covers;

  • Die-cut covers on the inside;

  • Soft covers

automatic machine for Gluing unit      Cold glue application through nozzles machine  Zechini

Gluing unit

  • Cold glue application through nozzles directly onto the cover;

  • Applicators with single adhesive quantity regulation;

  • Adhesive taken directly from the tank;

  • Automatic water cleaning system;

  • Control software for selective gluing in dots and lines for every gun and for a high number of different combination.

Mounting Children Book Block.jpg

Book block feeder

  • "Non-Stop" feeder;

  • Board book block feeding for belt transmission;

  • Book block positioning onto the first lid;

  • Mechanic mounting with the cover.

automatic machine for Mounting Children Book Block Casing-in machine

Casing-in system

  • Perfectly aligned positioning of the book block onto the first lid;

  • Unit for the lifting of the second lid;

  • Unit for the closing of the book block with the second lid;

  • Pre-pressing unit.

Nipping Book and Press Children Book Machine

Joint forming station

  • Joint forming timing regulation;

  • Joint forming temperature regulation;

  • Pressing timing regulation.

Stacker  Kid_book_Machine.jpg


Books stacking with copy selection.

Children's Board Book

zechini children book machine


zechini packaging


zechini bookbinding machine
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