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Complementary machines



            Book splitting saw

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Book splitting saw machine
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Dragon is an automatic machine for splitting book blocks and bound books produced in multiple stacks (in two-up or three-up).

The division is performed with the saws in rotation. It is equipped with one or two saws to obtain from two to three book blocks or paperboard cover books at the output.

 The Dragon can be connected in line with other machines, where the division of the book blocks/books is required.

If the machine works offline, it is possible to equip it with an automatic book feeder.


The  Dragon is equipped with an trim aspiration system .

The Dragon machine is suitable for big printing houses and medium-sized companies that produce advertising products, children's books, etc.

Two saws to produce books in three-up
Three-up book production

Children's Board Book

zechini children book machine


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zechini bookbinding
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