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Vip tris-Three-knife trimmer
Three Knife Trimmer Cutting Machine.

The automatic three-knife trimmer VIP Tris receives the books individually from a conveyor belt, stacks the desired number of blocks

(up to 100 mm high) and cuts the three sides.

Pre-stacking books significantly increase productivity.

The particular characteristics of the VIP Tris with its minimum 80x100 mm format are:

  • a user-friendly touchscreen control panel;

  • motorized format change;

  • possibility of using it in semi-automatic mode;

  • possibility of cutting and returning of the book block to the operator sode for control;

  • double cutting function: first cut of the three sides and, after having changed the format by a few mm, in a repetition of this cut.

       This last function is important for ensuring the quality of the final product.

  • a trim ejection unit 

The VIP Tris three-knife trimmer can be connected in line with other machines, or it can work autonomously.


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